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“An invaluable tool in the education and treatment of methamphetamine users.”

Janet Zwick, Director, Division of Behavioral Health and Licensure, Iowa Department of Public Health (retired)

“...Extremely valuable. Helps clients and families connect the science with the life experience.”

Kathryn Icenhower, Ph.D., LCSW, Executive Director, Shields For Families


“WINDOWS TO RECOVERY is one of the most comprehensive and realistic portrayals of recovery I have seen. This video models the effective treatment that every patient deserves.”

Tom McLellan, PH.D., CEO, Treatment research institute

“Facing addiction can be overwhelming, whether we’re an addict or a loved one. Windows to Recovery is essential viewing for those on the road to recovery—or anyone who wants to be.”

David Sheff, Author, “Beautiful Boy: A Father’s Journey Through His Son’s Addiction”

"Through honest testimonials and an exploration of the hurdles encountered by recovering users, this episode successfully emphasizes that recovery is an ongoing process, but one worth the work."

West Huddleston, CEO, National Association of Drug Court Professionals

"My organizations will use this video with clients in all levels of care as a basis of discussion on the recovery process."

Nancy Paull, CEO, SSTAR/SSTAr of Rhode Island

“Meth Inside Out offers users in recovery potentially life saving hope and clarity at a time of serious questioning.”

Claudia Black, Ph.D., Specialist in Addictive Disorders

“Jolting, compelling, accessible...this video does a striking job translating the neurobiology of methamphetamine addiction in a powerful and memorable way.

Andrew J. Saxon, M.D., Director, Addiction Psychiatry Residency Program, University of Washington

“This exceptional video series accomplishes a goal few manage to attain: teaching science-based content in an engaging way to assist with the delivery of effective substance abuse treatment. A real step forward for the field.”

Deni Carise, Ph.D., Director, Treatment Systems Section, Treatment Research Institute, Philadelphia

“This powerful video clearly illustrates the human toll of meth addiction while inspiring hope for recovery.“

Director, Los Angeles County, Public Health, Alcohol and Drug Program Administration

"A powerful view of the ravages of meth abuse from experimentation to recovery. A must see for educators, clinicians, treatment professionals, and families struggling with the addiction of clients, friends, and loved ones."

Professor and Associate Dean for Research, Director, Program of Excellence in the Addictions, Washington State University College of Nursing

“Refreshingly clearheaded and free of hysteria, HUMAN IMPACT is a highly informative look at meth addiction through the eyes of former users.”

Luciano Colonna, Public Health and Policy Consultant

"Thoroughly, intelligently, and compassionately portrays the physical, emotional, and social consequences of meth addiction."

Dr. Perry N. Halkitis, Professor of Applied Psychology and Public Health, New York University

"The HUMAN IMPACT episode of this important series provides a compelling and heartfelt examination of the personal consequences of meth use."

Dr. Cathy J. Reback, Senior Research Scientist, Friends Research Institute, Inc.

"True to the title, HUMAN IMPACT grabs the viewer's attention with the real-life struggles of meth addiction, helping them bridge the gap between information and experience. The message is clear: meth addiction can be treated and treatment works."

Jan Campbell, Professor of Psychiatry and Director of the Addiction Psychiatry Program, University of Kansas Medical Center

“In making a cogent case both for optimism and for the effort required in recovery, WINDOWS TO RECOVERY neither misleads nor promises too much… a very convincing work."

William Haning, M.D., Program Director, Addiction Psychiatry/Medicine, University of Hawaii