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WINDOWS TO RECOVERY explores effective treatment practices across program types and settings. This episode empowers the viewer by providing information and concrete tools for recovery, including creating structure, participating in sober activities, avoiding high-risk situations, and coping with craving. Windows to Recovery reveals that treatment is not a quick fix, but a set of activities leading to long-term changes in lifestyle, thinking, and behavior. The episode shows, without a doubt, that recovery is within reach.

Special Features:
· Music by The Crystal Method
· 24 page Windows to Recovery Hanbook


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“I was extremely impressed with the portrayal of treatment as a combination of therapies, tools, and services. The featured patients connect with the viewer throughout, providing a living example of the problems, challenges, and timetable for recovery. The specter of relapse is accurately and appropriately represented as a threat that comes when patients are at their lowest or when they’re most comfortable and complacent.

“Two significant points were clearly shown in the video. First, recovery from methamphetamine addiction is difficult but no more difficult or unlikely than recovery from alcohol or any other drug. Second, while addiction is very much like other chronic illnesses; a key difference is that addicted individuals who work to achieve recovery can end up happier and healthier people than they ever were before they became addicted - this is one of the under-appreciated benefits of treatment and recovery.”

Tom McLellan, PH.D., CEO, Treatment research institute