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This DVD and Handbook were created to give facilitators the most flexibility possible. The video is divided into an introduction and 9 chapters that can be accessed individually through the DVD menu. Each of the 9 chapters has a companion section in the Handbook. Depending on the time, needs, and attention span of the group, facilitators can choose to play the DVD in its entirety and then allow for questions, play and discuss one chapter at a time, or pick and choose the chapters and discussion questions that are most relevant.

Brain & Behavior chapters include:


Provides an introduction to normal dopamine neurotransmission and how meth impacts the dopamine system, creating surges of pleasure greater than any other experience in life.

Demonstrates how meth use depletes the dopamine system and leads to a period of acute meth withdrawal characterized by exhaustion, irritability, craving, and drug seeking behavior.

Illustrates the biological basis of tolerance and how the need for more meth creates many of the problems associated with addiction.

Reveals how prolonged meth use over time, coupled with a lack of sleep, can cause irrational fear, anxiety, and hallucinations.

Shows how meth use can over-stimulate the emotional centers of our brain producing powerful feelings of anger and fear that can lead to irritability and aggression.

Creates awareness of how our brains automatically connect the people, places, and things around us with the pleasure of the high; defines external and internal triggers.

Spotlights how meth strengthens the “Go” mechanism in our lower brains, while weakening the “Stop” mechanism in our upper brains; clarifies how triggers lead to craving and potenetially use.

Emphasizes that recovery takes time and that some of the challenges in recovery are evidence that our brains are healing.

Features success stories and images that show our brain regenerating, foucsing on how, with abstinence, our brains heal and life begins to feel good again.