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Emily Meyers goal is to combine social entrepreneurship with media to impact the maximum number of hearts and minds. She is President of Eyes of the World Productions specializing in socially conscious media. Their credits include an advocacy video used by the United Nations and a dozen videos on drug treatment. Current projects include Meth Inside Out, an educational video series on methamphetamine, and several documentaries exploring love across cultures and women’s issues. Emily is also the Executive Director of Meaningful Media (link to www.meaningfulmedia.org), a non-profit network providing resources to inspire and empower those committed to improving the world through media. Before starting Eyes of the World and Meaningful Media, Emily worked as a consultant for Fortune 100 companies like General Electric and Countrywide Financial. She has an MBA from Indiana University and is now part of the Producers Program at UCLA.



Deke Simon is a writer/producer/director of documentary and informational programs for television, home video, and education. His work has been honored with numerous awards, including two L.A. Emmy Awards, and four L.A. Emmy Nominations. His credits include series and specials for Universal, Turner, Discovery, Fox, Fox-Health, Paramount, ESPN, and PBS. In 1996, Simon began producing programs for prison inmates, parolees, and people in recovery from alcohol and drug addiction. These curricula are now used by virtually every state and federal prison in the U.S., many jails, and thousands of public and private treatment centers. Mr. Simon teaches classes in documentary production and production management at Loyola Marymount University, and is the author of Film & Video Budgets, a best-selling guide to the budgeting process.



Marisa Murgatroyd is an award-winning writer, photographer, and filmmaker with a specialization in social issue media. Since moving to Los Angeles in 2003, she has worked in development, production, outreach and distribution of independent documentary films, in addition to freelancing in photography and graphic design. Most recently, she was instrumental in coordinating the national broadcast, premiere, and outreach for The New Los Angeles; and supervising post-production on Holy Image, Hallowed Ground: Icons from Sinai for the J. Paul Getty Museum. She has also developed film and Internet projects for a non-profit environmental media organization, and worked with an independent film distribution consulting firm. Marisa received a Masters in Communication Art and Design from the Royal College of Art (London), and a Bachelor’s from Brown University in Art/Semiotics.